[Ti] TiBook/400 Battery Burned Out :(

Leo D. Venezuela levenezu at myrealbox.com
Mon Jul 28 19:06:50 PDT 2003

Thanks Kynan for the advice.

At 11:56 AM -0500 28/7/03, Kynan Shook wrote:
>I saw this once at the AASP I work for, also on a PBG4.  From what I 
>could tell, a large crumb of something had made its way into the 
>battery bay, and then shorted out the contacts.  I'm reasonably sure 
>there's a fuse in the battery to keep from starting a fire, so 
>afterwards the battery was no longer recognized.  Replacing the 
>battery fixed it.
>The extra heat you noticed is probably just normal, though I'd say 
>it's more likely caused by something besides the missing battery. 

I heard my internal fan kick in while working on my PB last night. At 
least that still works. Wouldn't the thermostat controlling the fan 
notice the "extra" heat and operate the fan more often?

>there is a rechargeable internal battery that stores the date and 
>time, though if your computer is unplugged a lot with no main 
>battery, it might not have had a chance to recharge for a while.  To 
>recharge it, leave the computer plugged in (in use or not) for 48 
>hours.  The official test to see if it's working or not is to then 
>power off the computer, unplug it, and remove the battery for 10 
>minutes.  If the date has not reset after 10 minutes, the battery is 
>judged to be OK.

I'll do this procedure. With no battery in the compartment, my PB has 
been taking nothing but AC juice since last Sunday night. :)

>Before you put in your other battery, check the contacts on the 
>computer, and make sure they're clean.  Remove any debris from the 
>battery bay.  You might also remove the keyboard and check the 
>battery connector on the logic board and make sure that there's 
>nothing abnormal there, such as burn marks.  If the burned part was 
>just at the battery connector end, it was probably a piece of debris 
>that got in there, and the battery is the only damaged part

I'll do this as well. Thanks again!



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