[Ti] 10.2.8

Jesse Brown jesse.brown at mac.com
Sat Oct 4 12:37:31 PDT 2003

On 10/4/03 14:43, "John Griffin" <jwegriffin at mac.com> wrote:

> 2. (noun) a base or servilely attentive flatterer and self-seeker
> € (synonym) apple-polisher, bootlick, bootlicker, creature, footlicker,
> groveler, lickspit, lickspittle, minion, reptile, spaniel, toad, toadeater,
> toadier, toady, truckler, yes-man
> € (see also) parasite
> € (related) flunky, gopher, lackey, slave, stooge, flatterer, self-seeker,
> snob, tuft-hunter

All of these apply to Shawn, don't know about Michael...



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