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Wed Oct 8 22:38:54 PDT 2003

In a message dated 10/9/2003 1:20:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time, robert at ameeti.net writes:

> Users of the web mail feature can not save their mail in their Inbox or Outbox, nor can they reference other mail that they have previously read or written. And I'm not thinking that attachments are allowed either but I may be wrong on this 
> part.
  AOL does allow you to save mail by clicking Keep As New button at the bottom of the MailBox window (from the www.aol.com site).  And you can reference previously read mail  click on Old Mail.  and you can reference previously sent mail by clicking on Sent Mail.
    And  you can send attachments from this location (www.aol.com) by simply clicking on the Attach button located at the bottom of the  AOL Mail window.  
     I realize that AOL bashing seems to be as in vogue   as  Apple bashing is   in the PC world.  And just as a lot of misinformation gets passed around by the Apple bashers, it sure seems like AOL bashers pass around a lot of misinformation about AOL.  
    Someone mentioned that this web based mail is slow on dail up.  I'm on dial up. It doesn't seem slow to me.    All dial up is slow I guess if you compare it to DSL.  [I live so far out in the country  I feel lucky to have electricity.] If reading from web base email  is slower than your regular AOL email   then simply read from your regular AOL  and use the web base only to reply to emails.  
              Paula Rutledge

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