17" alBook vs. SACD/CD

Dave Morrison davemor at gte.net
Fri Oct 10 18:39:36 PDT 2003

Has anybody in here had any luck getting any of the hybrid audio disks 
to play in their 17" PB's? This can include either an SACD/CD hybrid 
audio disk or a DVD-A disk. For example, I just got a SACD/CD combo 
disk and it plays fine in the 15" alBook but not in my 17". This disk 
has a normal redbook CD layer as well as a high-res (24bit/96k) layer 
but I can't access either one. When I insert the disk, it pops up a 
dialog box and tells me that I have just inserted an "unformatted DVD" 
disk and asks me what I want to do with it. When I tell it to run 
iTunes, it spins up but never mounts the disk on the desktop.

I also stuck in a DVD-A disk that has audio content on one side and 
video/audio content on the other side. The video side plays fine but 
not the audio side. Is there an updater for this drive?


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