[Ti] Apple = Wonderful

Per Brodersen per.brodersen at berlin.de
Thu Aug 5 14:14:21 PDT 2004


did all the myriads of problems happen while there was still guarantee? 
Did  you have AppleCare? Who did you call? My PB 12'' has gone through 
its third repair now - since the last repair the display is dead...


Am 5. Aug 2004 um 21:20 Uhr schrieb PowerBook G4 Titanium List:

> Subject: Re: [Ti] Apple = Wonderful
> i've gone through hell with Apple... i called on tuesday to check on
> the status, they said "oops, we forgot to order it", so i had to
> switch it back to the stock config to get it shipped here by friday
> (i'm leaving on vacation on sunday), i called yesterday, and they said
> "yes sir, it's scheduled to ship to you overnight on monday".  Grrr.
> So I've had to hire a friend of mine to drive to denver (7hrs, each
> way) to pick it up from the apple store there.
> At least they're bumping me up to 1gb of RAM at no charge.
> On Mon, 2 Aug 2004 14:58:27 -0600, Sam Hotchkiss <shotch at gmail.com> 
> wrote:
>> Yes, I fight aliens with my powerbook.  They attack, I pull it out,
>> they go "ooooh, shiny!" and stop fighting.  Unfortunately I think they
>> radiate electromagetics that kill my book.
>> It is no fun being powerbookless, though-- thank god for my Treo 600!

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