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David DelMonte ddelmonte at mac.com
Fri Aug 6 04:42:13 PDT 2004

Flipper, sorry about the original spelling.. I appreciate your insight. 
You didn't mention though about disk optimization provided by 
journaling that others have mentioned. What are your thoughts there?


On Aug 6, 2004, at 1:08 PM, b wrote:

> Kynan Shook paused, thought it over, and spoke thusly:
>> Writing to the disk slows down by about 10% or so; so little of your 
>> computer's time is spent writing that turning it off won't make much 
>> of a difference, except for making reboots after a crash take much, 
>> much longer.
> With all due respect, running a 667 Ti here, that i keep maintained to 
> the max, with external Firewire 800 drives running on the PC card slot 
> (that read/write 10MB/sec faster than the internal IBM drive), and a 
> GB of RAM, and some free disk space.... why on Earth would I want to 
> save, what, 30 seconds once a week on a reboot, and, in return, give 
> up 10% of the speed on a constant basis?
> The logic escapes me totally. In 2 years I've had a grand total of one 
> kernel panic. Big deal.
> Lost data due to anything software/hardware related? ZERO.
> Acidentally hard-rebooting when a big app freezes causes a reboot that 
> takes about 1 minute 17 seconds. Normal reboot time: 1:17. Where's the 
> 'issue'? Reboot when booted into OS 9?  Under 40 seconds.
> Analysis: Apple's 'hybrid' OSX (mach/Darwin/pdf/QuickTime window 
> manager/Finder has enough problems (speed included0, so why add to the 
> load?
> Giving up 10% (if it's even that little) on a constant basis, in 
> return for a marginally quicker restart after a catastrophic crash 
> (how often are they happening i'd like to know), ... is like losing 10 
> bucks every five minutes and saying, "It's cool, I put 30 bucks in my 
> savings account every two weeks." Sounds inefficient, pointless, and 
> almost totally unnecessary.
> My advice: Back up your docs, email addresses, and passwords to a 
> gold-ongold CD or DVD, Keep your installers, and dump anything that 
> slows down the Mac. People, everywhere it seems, are 'filling-up' on 
> utilities that perform tasks that the OS can already do on its own, 
> and why? More clutter, more variables to sort through in cases of 
> conflicts... wasted space, and more missed opportunities to really 
> know and use the OS that's right in front of us (the one 'hidden' by 
> the GUI, of course).
> A Finder that uses thousands of _DS files to supposedly keep track of 
> each folder's contents, etc, and then pauses whenever any folder or 
> menu item is clicked for the first time after a login, and can't even 
> remember to "Open all new folders in Column View" (why is that 
> 'option' even included?)... does not need more 'baggage'.
> ~flipper
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