AlBook Plug problem at high altitude?

Sam Hotchkiss shotch at
Mon Aug 9 06:09:09 PDT 2004

So this is just plain weird, and I'm hoping someone can shed some
insight.  I live in Durango, CO, at 6,800 feet above sea level.  I
have 3 friends of mine with 15" AlBooks, and I just got my 1.5ghz 15"
AlBook, and here is the problem we ALL experience:
The power adapter will just come out.  It's like it's all the way in
when it has a mm left, and you give it a good push to finish it off so
that it is charging, but randomly you'll notice that it has gone back
out to the 1mm out position.  I thought this was a general problem,
and was wondering why more people weren't complaining, however, I am
writing this from Hawaii, and the pluug is in solidly, and not coming
out.  So I am led to believe that it is related to Altitude.

Theories on what's going on?

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