[Ti] Apple's latest ipod commercial.

John Belen imacdude at mac.com
Wed May 12 17:44:06 PDT 2004

>> Apple should not be advocating walking around the street and crossing
>> roads wearing headphones listening to music. People die every year
>> doing this and Apple shouldn't
>> be encouraging this practice just to sell a few more ipods.
> By this reasoning auto manufacturers should never show their cars being
> driven.

Don't forget Mary Tyler Moore.  She should've been ticketed for 
obstruction of traffic or creating a distraction when she wasn't 
watching where she was going and throwing her hat in the air on a 
crowded New York street.

But seriously, Apple isn't "promoting" reckless endangerment.  They are 
promoting a carefree attitude.  I suppose if we looked hard enough we 
could truly find the evil in everything.  No wonder this world is so 
full of stress.  Hey!  Maybe we should all grab our ipods and earbuds, 
and show the people freedom from stress!


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