[Ti] TI upgrade ?

David Brostoff listaddr at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 4 21:33:43 PDT 2005

At 8:21 AM -0400 on 8/4/05, Bradley Ellis wrote:

>Good question.  I guess I was lucky.  When I spoke with an AppleCare 
>technician, I was advised to reconfigure my PowerBook back to the 
>original configuration before I shipped my PowerBook back to Apple 
>(to avoid any potential warranty void issues).  I dutifully followed 
>said advice and had no problems (in fact, AppleCare replaced my 
>orginal 30 gig hard drive - which had been acting as a "back-up" 
>drive for my wife's pc).

I think you were lucky. AppleCare told me that it was the act of 
removing the drive, even by an Apple dealer--whether I later replaced 
the original drive or not--that would void the warranty.

This was quite a change from the WallStreet/Lombard/Pismo days, when 
you could swap a drive in and out (it only took a couple of minutes) 
without a warranty violation.


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