[Ti] External HD problem

Sam Moussly sambouka at mac.com
Sat Aug 20 09:30:48 PDT 2005

I have two issues I was hoping someone can help me out here:

First issue:
I have a OWC external hard drive with two firewire (400) ports and a  
USB 2.0 port. I use one of the firewire ports to hook up to my mac  
and the other to hook up my ipod. For some reason, in the past couple  
of weeks, one of the ports doesnt seem to work anymore. It charges my  
ipod, however, it doesnt mount it on my mac. when using that port on  
my external, my mac doesnt recognize it either. I would think if the  
port isnt working, then how come it charges my ipod. I also noticed  
that when connecting my ipod while my external is connected to my  
mac, Finder freezes.

Any idea what could be the reason? do you think if i back up my data  
on my external and reformat it it would solve the problem?

Second issue:
I bought a new lacie external hd. Unfortunately, it does not have a  
firewire port (only usb 2.0) in which my mac doesnt have a usb 2  
port. Since both my external hds have female usb ports, can i get a  
cable which is both (female-female) and connect the two together?

Thanks in advance :)


OS 10.4
Tibook G4 867 MHz,
1GB RAM, 32MB Video,
60GB HD, 250GB External HD
Airport Express
30GB iPod
iChat: Sambouka

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