[Ti] Impending speed bumps?

Shawn King shawn at yourmaclife.com
Tue Aug 23 13:13:41 PDT 2005

On 8/23/05 1:24 PM, "Hector Luna" <polonius19 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm in the market to get a new powerbook and was wondering if there
> was an impending speed bump within the next month or so.

Possibly. Apple has their Expo in Paris coming up at the end of September.
If they announce anything, that's a good time and place for them to do it.

> I've got a
> 14" iBook that is getting me by nicely for the moment. I'm OK w/ the
> 1.67 speed, but if a speed bump is pending it might be worth my wait.
> When I got my Ti 550, the 667 was rolled out 3 weeks later, I'm
> looking to avoid the same fate...

Wait until after the Paris Steve Jobs Keynote - September 20th or 21st.
Shawn King
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