[Ti] Impending speed bumps?

Chris Olson chris.olson at astcomm.net
Tue Aug 23 23:35:18 PDT 2005

On Aug 24, 2005, at 12:33 AM, Shawn King wrote:

> Are you still beating that dead horse even in regards to someone's  
> innocent question?

Yep.  It's not a dead horse, and that someone asked.

Part of the attraction of running Apple hardware has always been  
cutting edge hardware technology.  Apple was the first to drop floppy  
drives in favor of optical.  Hard disk in a personal computer, USB,  
Firewire, color displays, and the list goes on and on over the  
years.  Intel's marketing strategy of more Mhz is better has worked  
and people are still looking for "speed bumps".  What happened to  
elegant system architecture?  Engineering?  Where did people lose  
sight of the fact that overall system bandwidth is more important  
than processor clock, and is after all what gets the work done?

Apple has already abandon the PowerPC platform.  Any updates to their  
current hardware is nothing but a token effort as they make the  
transition to a commodity platform - become just another PC  
manufacturer with no hardware advantages over what you can get from  
Dell for less money.  As I said, I wouldn't expect anything  
dramatic.  They've already passed up at least two golden  
opportunities for front line introduction of cutting edge PowerPC  
hardware.  Apple used to be first - the 2.0 Ghz G4's and dual core  
PowerPC 970's I mentioned before are already in upgraded PowerMacs  
and IBM server hardware - in service in the real world.

"Speed bump"?  What good is a 2.0 GHz processor on Apple's ancient  
167 Mhz system bus running PC2700 RAM?  That ain't no "speed bump".   
They've already abandon development of the damn thing, especially  
when Freescale Semiconductor has dual core processors that are pin  
for pin compatible with the MPC7447 running on a 667 Mhz bus.

You got your opinion, I got mine.  The difference is that you're a  
Mac acolyte, I'm not.  So I don't mind cutting thru all the marketing  
BS to get to the real story.
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