[Ti] Sharing preferences across computers...

John Pariseau simplymail at ururk.com
Wed Aug 24 14:20:24 PDT 2005

I've been a dual computer user for a year or so now - a PB Ti and a  
MDD G4. Sadly, things like mail rules (ie, filters) used to filter  
certain content (spam, etc...) resides on my "home computer", aka the  
laptop. Is there an easy way to keep these things synced without  
using .Mac? I'm sure most users of Apple Laptop computers have this  
trouble, and figured this list would be the first place to ask...

This includes AddressBook entries, and iCal calendars.

I rarely plug my Laptop into my work network, and don't have a decent  
station set up at work. I've considered emailing myself these things,  
but, it gets a bit time consuming to constantly sync this info.

Anyone have any solutions? Not .Mac.

The OTHER problem is sometimes I make a change on the desktop end,  
and would like that change synced to my Laptop.



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