[Ti] External Hard Drive Problem (Extra-nasty)

Lisbeth Zachs zachs at swedenmail.com
Wed Aug 31 23:41:54 PDT 2005

1 sep 2005 kl. 01.48 skrev ~flipper:
> The disk content is safely beyond reach,
Sorry! Is the free test mode of Data Rescue answering that no files  
can be recovered? Or is it that you just feel so certain that it is  
unreachable that you didn't even try?

If the later please do try. We had a MUG member here in Gothenburg  
that could not reach his HD, with neither of the efforts you had made  
in your first mail, He could, with Data Rescure, to his surprise and  
pleasure recover the last movie project not back-uped before his  
crash and could after that format the HD and get it back in order.

Our member also got the tip that he could try and make a _low level  
copy_ of the HD. That required that he could see and mark the disk in  
Disk Utility. Press cmd+I and a window with Disc Identifier should  
appear. Eg =disk0

Then open Terminal and write:

  "cd "

Drag and drop a big healthy HD into the Terminal Window. The HD (Eg a  
big external FW unit) must be big enough to keep the whole physical  
disk you're trying to rescue.

press enter

sudo /bin/dd if=/dev/disk0 of=diskkopia.disk

Then according to the description you will be patient and wait for a  
looong time and thereafter the "diskkopia.disk" on the "FW unit" will  
contain exactly the same as what was on your crashed HD.

Could somebody with English as first language and with some Terminal  
knowledge check my translated description so that it is correct  
before Flipper or somebody else tries the tip. (perhaps Flipper  
himself? :-))

Sorry if I have misunderstood your problem. Just trying to be helpful  
with alternatives. :-)

Lisbeth in Gothenburg
<http://homepage.mac.com/holisticum/> updat 050215
<http://www.got-a-mac.org> medlemssida för Got-a-Mac (Mug in Gothenburg)

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