[Ti] "Universal" Power Cord for Powerbook and Dell?

Philip Booth pcbooth at swbell.net
Tue Dec 6 19:31:12 PST 2005

On 12/6/05 8:28 PM, "Lists" <lists at tntluoma.com> wrote:

> Realizing that some of you also live in "two worlds" when it comes to
> computers, I wonder if someone here might have any experience with a
> "universal" AC power adaptor which would work both with a Powerbook
> (15" 1.5Ghz) and an Inspiron 700m.
> I need a spare power cord for the Dell and thought I could do the ol'
> two-birds/one-stone thing.
Go to Radio Shack and pick up an iGo Juice $120 Also Kensington has a model
it is a universal remote. It has tips for most models of LapTop computers
can be powered from Cars and Airline power taps. There are also accessories
that will charge cell phones, and I just got a cable to charge my iPod with
the thing. You no longer need to carry multiple wall warts.

The one bad thing is that it is not as elegant as the Apple power supply.
Check it out.

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