Jean-Paul Thuot fearsome.orange at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 15:35:01 PST 2005

> All this has become is a constant whining about my opinion is better
> than yours so go shove it because I am god. Every day I look at the
> headers on todays topic and 99% of the time it gets deleted because
> there is NOTHING of interest to the daily function of my TiBook.
> I subscribed to get info on TiBooks and how to make them work more
> efficiently.
> So Chris, Shawn and all you other whining old p*ssies, pat yourself
> on the back for f*cking up this list and consider me gone.
> If this is what the Mac life has become, count me out!
> - - -
> Tim Leverenz
> The doom of man is man forgets.

I agree with this.  I too am unsubscribing.  The iBook list is far
friendlier and more helpful for just about anything I need, without
all this BS.


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