[Ti] Dual Layer cable for Powerbook G4 400

Arnie Ramirez arnie at mcetech.com
Mon Dec 12 07:35:43 PST 2005


If your TiBook 400 currently has a Combo drive (a drive that burns  
CDs and reads DVDs) then you are correct... you can get a Dual Layer  
SuperDrive and use the same cable.  It is only if you are replacing a  
DVD-ROM only drive in those machines that you need to use an entirely  
new assembly (drive/brackets/cables).

Let me know if you need further info... this kind of stuff is our  

Arnie Ramirez
MCE Technologies, LLC

On Dec 12, 2005, at 3:52 AM, Mikael Byström wrote:

Am I mistaken that the cable from a combodrive (of a 550) that works  
in a
TiBook 400 could most likely work with any DVD Dual layer drive that  
the case the combodrive sits in? I thought it would be worth a try as
going to my brothers just to burn DVDs is getting tiresome.

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