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Ross Winn ross.winn at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 06:36:41 PST 2005

On 12/13/05, Chris Olson <chris.olson at astcomm.net> wrote:
>Then at least put a PCMCIA slot in it so you can slide in a
>card to add Firewire, etc..  Otherwise people will just buy a PC
>laptop instead.  Even $499 PC laptops have a PC card slot.
>My low-end ThinkPad z60t has Firewire 400 too, and it cost a
>hell of a lot less than a PowerBook.  In fact, I paid less for it
>than a 14" iBook.

The PC Card is dead. It has been for a while. If you want to buy a
substandard tool and get a crappy user experience, go ahead. I will
continue to buy macs. SImilar arguments were made about the trackball,
and a lot of other technologies.

On 12/13/05, T.L. Miller <tlmiller at mac.com> wrote:
> But don't a lot of consumers download from their camcorders via FW?

Define "a lot". Doubtless many do, but is it that significant?

I just think it is incredibly disingenuous for a mac user to resist
change. We changed to the PowerPC, we changed to OS X, we change all
the time.

Embrace it.

These guys are not making draconian decisions from the bottom of a
well. They are spending a huge amount of money for market research and
focus groups.

Why does everyone insist that they know better than the people who
talk to a lot more customers than we do.

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