[Ti] Hello and thank you .

boaz hagay boaz at ra-studio.com
Thu Dec 29 21:14:00 PST 2005


I  own  a  mac
when  I  started using   comp'
my  friend  sold  me  his  sony  made  mac  . system  8.5
and  with  that A  all set  of  ' junk '' printer etc' .
My    sister kids  are  still using  that  machine  the  monitor  is   
great .

two  years  ago  I  got  me  powerbookg4   system  10
I  changes recently  to  tiger .  it a  bit  faster .,  but  what  I   
like  the  most
is  the touch  pad .., the  two  fingers  thing .

Now  my  question is  .
do  you  see  or  do  you  know  some  one
who  can  say  No  thank  you  and STOP buying  new  computers .
   because  probably in  two  years  tiger  will  be  old .  and slow ..

Any  answer  will  do .

thank  you

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