[Ti] Disk Speed inhibited problem

Bob Fowles rbf at psu.edu
Wed Dec 13 06:21:14 PST 2006

A google search for:

DiskWarrior "Speed inhibited by disk malfunction"

gives 52 hits.


At 4:33 AM +0000 12/13/06, m_flynn at comcast.net wrote:
>I have a problem with my drive. About 2 months ago my system went 
>down and when I tried bringing it back the disk would not start up. 
>I tried running the disk dr and that ran into a header problem. I 
>went out and purchased DiskWarrior and that also fail due to header 
>issue. Tonight I thought I'd give it one last try to bring it up and 
>voila it came up like nothing was wrong. I then save all my stuff on 
>an external drive and tried running DiskWarrior again. This time 
>DiskWarrior failed due to Speed inhibited by disk malfunction".
>What could be causing that problem? Any recommendations?
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