[Ti] Your opinions about using/ not using DiskWarrior for Tiger (3.0.3)+ problems using Mail & PS CS2

Bob Fowles rbf at psu.edu
Wed Dec 13 12:10:56 PST 2006

Since it is only occasional, perhaps there is a memory problem with 
the software. Maybe you've done this already but if not, launch 
Terminal when you log in and when the problem happens, switch to 
Terminal and enter the command "top". You could do the same with 
Activity Monitor.

At 5:24 PM +0100 12/13/06, Ettenberg Frank wrote:
>Dear List,  I have noticed that Photoshop CS2 & the Mail program 
>occasionally have attacks of the mysteriously long-turning
>rainbow wheel - when I just start using these programs on my 1.67 G4 
>aluminum PB.  I have 1.5 gig ram installed-so why should there be
>this slowdown?  Would using Disk Warrior for Tiger help or not?  I 
>have a feeling that the problems with the above apps is a separate 
>issue.  In any event I'd appreciate your opinions on the validity of 
>using DW at all...& what I might do - if anything - to remedy these
>chronic software problems.    Thx   Frank 
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