[Ti] Ti 667MHz DVI needs CPR!

Dr. Trevor J. Hutley TrevorHutley at consultant.com
Wed Dec 13 16:54:01 PST 2006

On 14 Dec 2006, at 00:01, alcovia at aol.com wrote:

>  The top RAM slot clips broke, so the memory no longer stays in the  
> slot. Starting up is a hit or miss and I always have to hit the  
> option key and type in my password to get it started.
> Then once started One or all these things will happen.
> 1-will freeze
> 2-go to sleep and not wake up
> 3-shut off automatically
> 4-Ding 3x

Who actually knows, but I think that all of these issues sound as  
though they are most likely to be RAM issues, so I would get the RAM  
slots fixed.....

My ¢2.


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