[Ti] Crying for help - my new black macbook doesnt read media

Dr. Trevor J. Hutley TrevorHutley at consultant.com
Sun Dec 17 03:54:17 PST 2006

On 17 Dec 2006, at 06:03, Carlos Fernando Hernandez wrote:

> My new black macbook is only reading original CDs or DVDs, doesn't  
> load
> any other media.
> I just did the reset of PRAM and PMU, upgrade all the software and  
> used
> a compress air can to try if is not dirty or something like that.

Carlos - buenos dias!

These are probably good things to have tried.
I have no solution for specific problem, but in your case, I would  
also run Applejack.
I do this as  matter of routine, if something strange is happening to  
my Mac.....

Install applejack (if for some reason you do not have it installed  
already), after downloading from


Restart in single user mode (Apple-s) and then type:		 applejack AUTO  

This will do a deep cleanse of your Macbook.

I hope you find a solution, and it would be good to have it posted,  
as this kind of thing can happen to anyone, I guess.

regards, Trevor

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