[Ti] Apple Remote with older PowerBooks?

John simplymail at ururk.com
Mon Mar 6 20:32:29 PST 2006

I got an Apple Remote with my new Mac (not a MBP), and was wondering  
if I could get it to work with my Titanium PowerBook. My PowerBook  
does have an IRDa port on it, on the back.

I've googled this, and haven't returned any results. I'd like to  
first get it working, then figure out if I can make some sort of  
prism/reflector to stick on my IR port.

Anyone try this? Is it the same kind of port?



PS - the remote is not just for Front Row. It can control DVD player,  
the system audio, put the system to sleep, Quicktime, iTunes,  
Keynote, and probably a whole lot more. Maybe it will even design for  
me :D or write my Architecture History paper.

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