[Ti] is iChat different from Yahoo Messenger, MSN etc?

Kaskudoo kaskudoo at freenet.de
Fri Mar 17 11:41:58 PST 2006

well, the ports used by iChat will probably be blocked. it might not  
even be the port ranges necessary for instant messeging, but for  
video conferencing ... iChat uses the most port ranges out of the  
instant messenger services i know ....
before downloading AIM or YAHOO Messenger or MSN, get one that suits  
all services, like 'Fire' ... you will find it on versiontracker....  
it can accomodate all services at once and is a very lightweight  
little program that doesn't open five other windows when you start  
it. i am very happy with it .... even if it is just for testing  
purpose you might wanna install it - it is easy to remove too. you  
will not be able to have fancy smilies or video chat, but therefore  
it is very reliable. i use it for IRC as well .... uh, and you can  
have it look almost like iChat.

so again, it is not the software, but probably the port ranges that  
get you disconnected from the service. this article may help you:


On Mar 17, 2006, at 1:14 PM, Dr Trevor J. Hutley wrote:

> Finally I have a DSL line here in Saudi Arabia, and a wireless  
> router for my Al-book to communicate with.  All services are full  
> operational, EXCEPT iChat !!!
> I was hoping that iChat would now work, with this DSL line.
> It works perfectly in Switzerland, but as soon as I get to KSA,  
> nothing.
> It has been like that for 2 years, so nothing to do with versions,  
> updates, etc.
> What is embarrasing now is that my friend, using his 17" block-of- 
> concrete laptop (Dell) is sitting by my router and happily using  
> MSN, Yahoo Messenger to chat with people all over the world.
> Does anyone know if iChat is configured in some way that could  
> explain why the software integrated in to the OS on a Mac does not  
> work yet 3rd party software in XP is just fine??
> I REALLY would like to get this resolved.
> Any idea where to start looking for an explanation or finding a  
> solution.
> regards,  Trevor
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