[Ti] Help required: dead powerbook g4 aluminium

Tarik Bilgin tarik at opalblue.com
Fri Sep 28 03:29:55 PDT 2007

Hello gang,

It's funny. You go through life thinking you are a computer pro, and then something goes wrong with the hardware and suddenly you are left clutching a multimeter and with not much of a clue as how to proceed...

I'm now the proud owner of a dead G4 Albook! The problems began when it was knocked off a table and landed edge down, on top of the charger connector, which was attached.

This destroyed that charger and bent the case somewhat.

I then used a backup charger, but did notice that sometimes i would get some sparking while placing the connector in the port. 

One day nothing seemed to happen, then the charger connector got really hot really fast, and there was that ionisation smell, you know the one you get when you run an electric motor.

After this, the powerbook no longer charges or runs from AC, but I'm pretty sure the powerbook itself is fine, and just the power stage is the problem.

I suspected a short circuit, so i took the thing apart, but other than the deformed shell, i can't see any obvious damage to the port where the charger is connected.

This thing is well out of Applecare warranty. Any ideas? Or do i need to go to Apple and be landed with a hefty bill?

I have access to a multimeter. Is there anything i should test? 

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