[Ti] new MacBook Pro

Malcolm Cornelius malcolm at fireflyuk.net
Fri Nov 21 06:27:51 PST 2008

On 20 Nov 2008, at 23:50, Dr. Trevor J. Hutley wrote:

> I just received my new 15" MacBook Pro: 2.8 GHz dual-core/ 4 GB  
> RAM / 320 GB-7200 drive, replacing my 2003 1.25 G4 Powerbook.
> Beautifully packaged.  Amazing style, design and engineering.
> The screen is very bright and clear. Sound is great.
> I love the keyboard, EXCEPT that I miss the enter key to the right  
> of the space bar.....
> Keyboard illumination is a positive step change over earlier versions.
> Access to the battery and hard drive could not be simpler.
> Migration of everything from my current G4 Powerbook from a FW800  
> backup was trivial and perfect (just less than 1h for 94 GB).

I hope that you didn't migrate the system software ...

Best wishes

Malcolm Cornelius - The Powerbook Fanatic

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