[Ti] It's Alive... TiBook Dead Update

Alex alex at fotomotion.net
Tue Mar 24 16:32:02 PDT 2009

Hi Dan

That is very strange behaviour
Mostly as the Apple logo illuminates but the screen does not, as far  
as I am aware (and I have had many Ti's apart) its impossible.
The Apple Logo bleeds light from the screens backlight to glow, if you  
dim and raise the screen brightness the logo's glow goes with it.
As your logo glows independently of the screen you have hardware  
issues that cause the LED to blank out and the backlight to be on.
This is very strange and is unlikely to have anything to do with the  
inverter as it powers the backlight that is illuminating your Apple  
I work for Apple and will ask some of the genesis guys if they have  
seen this behaviour before and get back to you


On 24 Mar 2009, at 19:03, Dan Walters wrote:

Hi all,
I have a similar but more complicated problem with my TiBook 1 Ghz. 15".
It has not been able to boot "cold" for nearly 6 months. The power  
converter is working fine, and
I have an 867 TiBook I use on this power part of the time and it is  
working fine.

Not: I have re-set the power re-set under the keyboard, with no help.

I must put power to the TiBook by the A/C converter, push the power  
switch, will hear the fan, see the apple
logo light on the back of the display light up, (no display  
illumination, no start-up chime) sometimes the USB
peripherals power up - but nothing else. Then after several minutes,  
and the keyboard area warms up, magically
it will boot - chime up and run forever. Until I shut it down and let  
it cool off.

I will not leave it on and asleep because it must be portable for my  

Possible internal power inverter, main motherboard? Acts like a  
cracked solder joint or board.

Has anyone else had this problem? I have searched many troubleshooting  
sites with no real answer
or similar problem. I want to avoid throwing parts at this machine  
until I have more facts, or find others
that have had the same problem.

I did replace the display and hinges on my 867, so I have been inside  
and know my way around. There
are about 40 steps to get the wire plugs out through the back of the  
chassis to remove the display once
you remove most everything from the inside of the TiBook.

Any suggestions are appreciated,

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