[Ti] Charging Problems

Scott Strehlow strehlow at usermail.com
Thu Mar 26 10:36:19 PDT 2009

> I screwed up an old compaq laptop by using the wrong wattage

With PC laptops, there are several common adapter voltages in use,  
many with identical plugs.  I think all the Mac adapters put out the  
same voltage.

As long as the output voltage is the same, it won't damage anything.   
If the wattage is higher than the original, all will be fine.  The  
battery will probably charge a bit faster than it would with the  
smaller one, if you are using the Mac while it charges.  If it is off  
or asleep, it will probably charge at the same rate with either  
supply.  If the new one has a lower wattage, the battery might not  
charge at all if the Mac is on, and in any case the adapter will get  
much hotter than the larger one would.



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