QuickerTek wifi cards (was: Re: [Ti] why people use a tibook)

Ardeshir Mehta ardeshir at mac.com
Thu Mar 26 11:31:45 PDT 2009

Thanks Simon. You have a fine web site.

Are you using the Buffalo WLI CB G54 with a TiBook? And is it the  
fastest form of PCMCIA wireless card available for the TiBook?

Ardeshir Mehta
Ottawa, Canada


On 26-Mar-09, at 5:11 AM, Simon Royal wrote:

> Hi.
> I use a Buffalo WLI CB G54 and it works a dream. It has excellent  
> signal range, uses Apples software and connects within seconds.
> Check out my site there is a page on there, I did a bit of research  
> into different wireless cards for Mac.
> Simon
> --- visit my Mac site at http://www.simonroyal.co.uk or Skype me at  
> 'Simon-Royal' (sent using Nokia E71)
>> -original message-
>> Subject: Re: QuickerTek wifi cards (was: Re: [Ti] why people use a  
>> tibook)
>> From: Marcus Benjamin <markymac99 at mac.com>
>> Date: 25/03/2009 23:16
>> I have a LinkSYS 802.11g PCMCIA card that I used with a Pismo & OS  
>> X. If you want a picture & EXACT model & rev please email me.
>> Marcus
>> Sent from my iPhone 3G mechanism.
>> On Mar 25, 2009, at 5:59 PM, Ardeshir Mehta <ardeshir at mac.com> wrote:
>>> On 25-Mar-09, at 8:10 AM, Clare O'Farrell wrote:
>>>> Marcus, I am looking at the quickertek wireless cards as a  
>>>> solution to the wireless problem on the tibook.
>>> I am also wondering if this would work. Does anyone know? Or have  
>>> experience with the QuickerTek card(s)? My fiver year old 1GHz  
>>> TiBook is very slow picking up the wifi internet signals from my  
>>> basement, compared with my wife's and son's Windoze machines.
>>> Ardeshir Mehta
>>> Ottawa, Canada

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