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Jeremiah Stevens jeremiah.stevens at prodigy.net
Fri Oct 1 09:15:45 PDT 2010

Welcome! If you want to run NeoOffice you may need to run and older version as 
the highest OS you can run is OS 10.4.11 Tiger, no leopard support without a 
little hacking (if you want to know, I could write a tutorial for you). Also, 
the processor in the TiBooks are soldered to the motherboard, so they are 
impossible to replace. While I think that the TiBook will support a 120GB hard 
drive, some macs have a limit of the hard drive size, so I would look into that 
online, I know the iMac G3s can only take up to somewhere around 120 or 160GBs 
so you should be fine. eMail me if you want a tutorial or any help further down 
the road directly at jeremiah.stevens at prodigy.net

Jeremiah S.


 This is my first Mac since my first computer back in 1994 when 16mb of RAM was 
way cool. I just traded my iPod Video for a TiBook G4/400, bumped it to 1gb RAM 
and have a 120gb HDD on the way. I'd like to upgrade the OS (currently I'm 
running 10.3.9) to allow me to load NeoOffice. Would it be wise to upgrade to 
10.4 or 5?
Other than that I was toying with the idea of replacing the processor but I've 
heard that can be challenging to say the least.
Thanks for your advice...e
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