[Ti] slightly off topic -- what to do with old computers - was: Re: Dead TI

Don ds1000309 at uid.onemain.com
Sun Oct 3 17:59:48 PDT 2010

Thanks to all who offered suggestions. It's interesting to see how many 
of us keep old Macs around :-)


>>> On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 9:07 PM, Don<ds1000309 at uid.onemain.com>  wrote:
>>> The thread on a dead TiBook prompts me to ask: In general, what do 
>>> folks do
>>> with old Macs? I am facing retirement and the inevitable downsizing 
>>> so now,
>>> what to do with the 512KE, PB 100, Power Computing Power Center Pro 
>>> 180 and,
>>> possibly, the TiBook 400? And depending on where I land, I may have to
>>> switch too a portable and let go of the 1st Gen Intel iMac, too. 
>>> These are
>>> all functioning computers.
>>> Thanks for any suggestions,
>>> Don

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