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hart at nasw.org hart at nasw.org
Sat Dec 7 11:21:29 PST 2002

Adobe GoLive. If you sign up for the GoLive Talk list (even 
temporarily), you can describe your specific needs and get friendly, 
thorough and intelligent feedback on exactly how GoLive would fit. Many 
of the list members are web pros and use Dreamweaver as well, and so 
could give you some comparisons. You will probably not see many 
suggestions to use FrontPage on the GoLive list, as it's roundly 
criticized by people who have to manage sites made by that application.

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> We are looking to find web development software that is user friendly
> and will cross OS 9 and 10 with ease. To be used in an educational
> setting.  Any suggestions out there?
> Thanks in Advance,
> Jennifer Grube

Stephen Hart

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