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Robert L. Vaessen rvaessen at
Mon Dec 9 13:12:40 PST 2002

All -

Thanks for the support.

Solution to my problem was revealed in a matter of minutes: When you 
set up an email account, instead of entering a single email address, 
enter multiple email addresses separated by commas. All of the 
addresses will be listed in the account popup menu when you compose a 

I thought I'd have to resort to some exotic Unix command line hacking 
at the Terminal prompt. By the way, this info/technique is not listed 
in the Mail Help file. Imagine that!

I had no idea I could do this. I thought I had to configure a separate 
account for each email address. Fantastic! I am now able to use all my 
various email From/Reply-To: addresses with no problems at all. As a 
matter of fact, this solved another problem I was having with gpg 
encryption. I used to have encryption capabilities with a single email 
address. Now encryption capabilities are available with every email 
address configured for that account!

- Robert

On Saturday, Dec 7, 2002, at 13:18 America/Denver, Robert L. Vaessen 

> All -
> I would like to be able to compose and send an email using a 
> From/Reply-to address that is different from any other email account, 
> yet has the same incoming/outgoing server settings as other accounts.  
> I have some email addresses that are forwarding addresses only.  Mail 
> to those addresses show up in a standard POP configured email account.
> - Robert

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