[X-Apps] 1. mail.app losing passwords

David M. Shindell shindell at mac.com
Fri Dec 20 05:26:31 PST 2002

On Thursday, December 19, 2002, at 07:22  PM, sc at creativeartlink.com 
> nothing worked... installed 10.2.3 ..did a restart... checked my
> keychain access deleted & recreated my password gave it always allow
> access ... ran keychain disk aid.... mail.app is still asking for my
> password every 10-15 minutes... even tho it checks every minute ....
> help ...it won't let me work ... and i do need to know when mail
> arrives ... i get busy & forget to check it manually.

I have seen an OCCASIONAL problem like this on Mail.app ONLY if I have 
it set to check for new mail EVERY minute.  Some mail servers seem to 
report an error to Mail.app if they are queried too often.  When set at 
checking for new mail every 5 minutes, I have not had this problem 
unless the mail server was temporarily malfunctioning.

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