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> Greetings:
> Is there a way to print out a listing of files in a window,

In the Finder go to the detail view, select all and hit copy.  Now go to
your favorite word processor and hit paste.  Then print from there.

Or UNIX style; open a terminal window, cd to the directory you want to list
(in your CD example you'd type `cd /Volumes/<name of your CD>`) then type
`ls`.  Actually in UNIX there are other cool utilities like mtree but these
are over kill.

Or go to http://www.versiontracker.com/ and search for 'directory', 'files',
'CD', 'catalog' and other keywords - there bound to be something there to do
this same thing that might be even better for you.

Good Luck,

>such as a list of 
> all files on a CD? I often make CDs for clients and under System 9 could print
> out a list of files for them, but I don't see a way to do that in 10, except
> with cumbersome screen shots of each section of a long list.
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