[X-Apps] Chinese

Dannis Chan dannis at macau.ctm.net
Tue Dec 24 17:44:01 PST 2002

Have you set the "Language/Font" in the IE preference for any Chinese 
as your prefer language?


On Tuesday, December 24, 2002, at 06:07  PM, sc at creativeartlink.com 

> i am fairly certain that i installed the chinese language pack when i 
> installed all of my OS's ... and i have checked off everything i could 
> find in IE and in: system preferences>international>language & system 
> preferences>international>input menu
> ...but i don't seem to be able to read chinese pages in my browser or 
> on my system... this is important ....as i am currently working on a 
> site that has a chinese component to it ...and i have to be certain 
> that i am placing text and files that work as they should.
> i do have fonts old & new from the jaguar install.... i can't read or 
> write it but i can recognize characters for placement and know when 
> things are wrong.
> any suggestions? especially for browsing.
> thank you!
> /s
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