[X-Apps] Windows users can't receive attachments

Susan Midlarsky susanrm at MIT.EDU
Tue Apr 29 10:51:49 PDT 2003

>>>I have a problem at work when I email an attachment to computers
>>>running Windows, they can't open my PDF or JPEG attachments.
>>>It works fine running OS 9, but not with 10.2. I've tried OS X's
>>>mail program and Eudora, but I get the same results. Mac users
>>>can receive and open the attachments with no problems.
>>Specify MIME encoding (AppleDouble in Eudora). You're probably 
>>using Binhex, and the PC users are probably using Outlook.
>Where does one specify MIME encoding in Mail.app?  I've missed this
>in the preferences...

Good question. I can't find it. But you said you have Eudora, so try 
that - the icon is right in the menu bar of the message, click on 
BINHEX and change it.


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