[X-Apps] Ichat AV and the address book and Entourage

Dan Frakes lists at frakes.org
Thu Jul 3 08:39:36 PDT 2003

Cyril Blanc <blanc.cyril at wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> I am using normally my computer for music, but it could be nice that I talk
> with some friends and relatives.
> I have a few questions :
> - How can I move my list in Entourage to the address book ?

You could drag your Entourage contact to the Desktop, which will create a
vCard for each; you can then drag those into Address book. However, if you
have a lot of contacts in Entourage, or plan on updating both Entourage and
Address Book, the following sync scripts are a better idea:


That being said, you don't really *need* to import Entourage contacts into
Address Book. If the only reason you're using Address Book is for iChat, you
can simply add your friends and family to your Buddy List manually.

> - I could I find out who is on .Mac and who is on AIM ?

Your friends and relatives should provide you with their AIM or .Mac
account. You can then add them to your Buddy List -- if you use Address
Book, it has a field for AIM/.Mac address, and you can simply select them
from Address Book. If not, you can add them manually: iChat will ask for
their name and AIM/.Mac address.

> - Who is online ?

Once you add someone to your Buddy List, it reflects their current status
(Offline, Online but Away, Online and Available, etc.).

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