[X-Apps] Apple Script and Function keys

hart at nasw.org hart at nasw.org
Tue Jul 22 09:29:25 PDT 2003

My favorite way to do this (and, perhaps unfortunately, the most 
expensive) is by using QuicKeys. IMO, this is the only must-have 
utility nowadays. I have had, at various times, most of my F keys 
assigned with no modifier, and with command, option and shift. I print 
a little template on clear acetate and it sits just above my keys. It's 
like having a whole 'nother menu bar.

QuicKeys plays with AppleScript in two ways: you can invoke a script 
directly in a QuicKey sequence and, of course, you can trigger an 
AppleScript saved as a stand-alone application. You can also use 
QuicKeys to do a zillion other things directly, including Terminal 
commands and timed events such as Save every 5 minutes. IMO, QuicKeys 
is worth every penny.

Stephen Hart

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