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hart at nasw.org hart at nasw.org
Sun Jul 27 09:56:56 PDT 2003

How do you do that? iPhoto has buttons for sharing a slide show and for 
publishing to .Mac. There are no menu items for exporting a set as a 
web page, and I find nothing relating to that in the iPhoto Help. The 
only place I see any choice of photo sizes is in e-mailing images.

On Sunday, July 27, 2003, at 05:36  AM, X-Applications wrote:

>>> 1. You can't control the size of the
>>> "large" version of the photo, so it may be a bit slow to load for 
>>> people
>>> with slow connections.
> Not true. iPhoto has custom settings if you generate your own web
> pages. The exception is if you use the .Mac slide show templates with
> their fancy frames. This is not an option if you don't use .Mac.
> Susan

Stephen Hart

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