Web Design Software

Darin Duphorne darind at houston.rr.com
Mon Jul 28 09:38:30 PDT 2003

Everyone has pointed out the many solutions to convert images/folders 
to static pages.  But, I continue to be amazed at the utter lack of 
inexpensive or freeware wysiwyg HTML editors for OSX compared to 
Windows.  Netscape is pretty much the only game in town for the 
non-professional, and I find it to be big, slow, and unwieldy.  From 
what I can tell on the demo, Stone's "Create" doesn't use a standard 
approach to html design  (it's hard to tell, really, since the demo 
won't let you see the html it would generate based on a particular 
design).  This is particularly surprising in light of the history of 
macs in web design.  This is even more surprising in light of the 
NeXT-based HTML editor/web browser that started it off at CERN.  I 
can't believe no one has converted that to modern cocoa. 

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