[X-Apps] Calculator

Peter petergia at cox.net
Wed Aug 4 07:31:56 PDT 2004

> On Aug 4, 2004, at 07:57, Peter wrote:
>> Hi, recently moved up to 10.3 and now the calculator has started to
>> act up.
>> When doing simple functions (addition, subtraction, multiplaction and
>> division) everything works fine for the first few actions then it stops
>> working. I've trashed calc files in the library and repaired
>> permissions and
>> still have the same problems. Does anyone have any suggestions.
> If you wish I can email you direct a copy of my Calculator which is
> behaving perfectly.
Sure that would be great, anything is worth a try at this point. My wife
uses the calc a lot and has asked me to move back to 10.2 if I can't get
this fixed. 


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