[X-Apps] Immediate Apple Mail help needed!

John simplymail at ururk.com
Thu Jun 3 09:56:32 PDT 2004

>> See, I can get all the messages, reimport them into mail, but I want 
>> to end this behavior. Not all messages marked as junk go there, only 
>> some. Is there any way to do a force rebuild?
> What I'd suggest then is to quit Mail, go into your Mail folder 
> (/Users/<yourUsernameHere>/Library/Mail/) and in there will be a 
> folder corresponding to each of your email accounts. Go into each of 
> these and remove the Junk.mbox files. Relaunching Mail will create 
> fresh Junk folders.

I did this, and *so far* it has seemed to fix this annoying problem. 
Word of caution - quit mail.app (duh!) before mucking around in the 
mail folder.


John Pariseau

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