[X-SW] Entourage crashing

Jim Robertson jamesrob at sonic.net
Sun Jun 19 06:52:37 PDT 2005

On 5/16/05 8:21 AM, "Tony Johansen" <artistjohansen at hotmail.com> wrote:

> It appears to have an incoming message stuck in its throat perhaps??

I think you've diagnosed the problem, but I don't remember the solution.
Occasionally the mail waiting to be retrieved from your server can contain
messages that have problems like this.

There's an excellent listserv for Entourage users where you can ask for
advice about this. As I recall, it might involve font problems, but the
memory is dim. I DO remember clearly that such problems CAN result from
messages sitting on the server that force Entourage to crash (more
precisely, the message may be sitting on the server AND listed in your
database as having been retrieved even though the program couldn't retrieve
it completely.

I read the digest at entourage:mac talk, but I'm sure others would be
grateful if you'd post what you learn there.

The email address for posting such questions is "Entourage:mac Talk"
<Entourage-Talk at lists.letterrip.com>

Jim Robertson

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