[X-SW] A query for you,please.

Rupert Hoyte ruperthoyte at optusnet.com.au
Thu Jun 24 04:13:22 PDT 2010

I am send a page by email which will copy and paste very easily.  However,  the info. on this page,  and its layout, is sideways,  wide-view,  rather than the usual layout as, for instance is this email, or the pages of a book. BUT when the printer prints it,  it come out in vertical column form,  and really quite unuseable.  

 I wish to know how I can get my Canon printer to print it as it actually comes, landscape style.  Are there commands already in my Mac which allow this change to occur. ?

I would appreciate someone taking the time to look into this for me.   Thank you.   Rupert Hoyte.   

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