Apple 15" flat panel display and PowerBooks

John B. Thoo jb2 at
Wed Jan 22 06:30:28 PST 2003

On Wednesday, January 22, 2003, at 05:50 AM, in Mac OS X Hardware Ross 
Williams wrote:

>> Hi.  Can I use an Apple 15" flat panel display with my PowerBook G4
>> 400?  What about with the new 12" PowerBook?  What adapters would I
>> need to use, if any?  Thanks.
> Sorry John your PB 400 and the new 12" PB do not have a DVI (digital
> connector) only VGA (analog). The newer 15" PB and the new 17" PB both
> have DVI. You may then connect an Apple LCD display with an Apple DVI
> to ADC adapter or the DVIator adaptor made by Dr Bott an advertiser on
> the bottom of this page (The ADC adapter provides both power and USB to
> the display).

That's too bad. :-(

What would be my options, then, for using a larger monitor with a 12" 
PB while not using up precious space on my desk?  (Apple's 15" flat 
panel would have been really nice.)  Thanks.


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