[X-HW] New displays ADC changed?

Scott j-scotty at attbi.com
Wed Jan 29 13:31:33 PST 2003

On Wednesday, January 29, 2003, at 07:36 AM, Frank Farwell wrote:

> I just about ordered a new 20" LCD display from apple the lady said it 
> will not work on G4 with the "older" ADC connector (G4 500 ADC) Shes 
> says they have changed the ADC connector . If i purchase a Radeon 9000 
> which has ADC and DVI I understand i still have to buy the new DVI to 
> ADC connector that runs $99 is this correct for these new displays?
> frank farwell

Which video card does your G4 have? See the system reqs at the bottom of

I suspect it'll work - you will definitely need to have 10.2, though.

If you already have ADC, you don't need to purchase a new DVI-ADC 
adapter. The ATI 9000 is listed in the specs on the above page, so it 
definitely won't need an adapter.

The ADC port did NOT change. What did change, I believe, is that the 
new monitor's resolution is not one that prior OS versions can deal 
with. If you plan to work in 9, or have not yet upgraded to 10.2, then 
this monitor may not be a good choice.

Given that it sounds as if you are willing to purchase a new card if 
necessary, I'd go ahead and buy the display, and see if it works. If 
not, then you can get a new card. I

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