[X Newbies] Diskwarrior and OS X

Albert W D'Amanda aldamanda at comcast.net
Mon Dec 2 09:56:43 PST 2002

On Monday, December 2, 2002, at 12:36 PM, TheMacintoshLady wrote:

>> This doesn't affect me now, but what will happen when I buy a machine 
>> that
>> only
>> runs X?
> All this means is that you boot from another source. Always been like
> that with disk repair utilities.
Hello Again

I believe what is being referred to here is that Apple is releasing 
"rumors"  that next year, all "new"  Apple machines will not be able to 
bootup on OS9.2

What does this really mean ?

Does it mean that If I insert a  CD with  a bootable,  OS9.2 , blessed 
System Folder  installed , It will not bootup
with the C key depressed?

My copy of DiscWarrior boots up on its preinstalled OS9.2. I use it to 
check out an OSX volume with no problems
But does Apple now mean that with its upcomming "new" machines, this 
will not happen?

that's the question


B&W G4 500 / X.2.2

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