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Vincent Cayenne vcayenne at mac.com
Mon Dec 2 12:57:37 PST 2002

At 12:47p -0500 2002/12/02, Carlos Aranzazu wrote:
>Wayne i hate to say it but you get what you pay for I f you want to 
>do quality work you have to get a quality application.

But that does not necessarily mandate a high price. GraphicConverter, 
Vuescan, Apache, MySQL, Eudora, emacs, Perl, Remote Desktop 
Connection et al are high-quality applications but do not cost a lot.

>  For photo manipulation there is nothing out there that can beat 
>Photoshop. and version 7 is a dream to work with.

And Adobe's Photoshop Elements is nowhere near as accomplished and is 
easily beaten by Photoshop but it suffices for many folk and provides 
for an easy escalation to Photoshop later. Many techniques outlined 
for Photoshop are transferable to Elements. Sometimes you hang your 
hat where you can reach.

>  Now as for page layout it is strictly a mater of opinion i prefer 
>indesign or page maker while other hate it.

And if one commits to a PDF workflow perhaps other options are 
available. But InDesign would seem to be the OS X champion by default 
and by design thus far.

>If you are talking web design you must have flash

Oh, come on. Flash is _not_ necessary. It may be desirable, powerful 
and useful. But to intimate that it is indispensable in web design? 
Merely by way of example: Google, Yahoo and VersionTracker do not 
seem to rely on Flash for site functionality/success.

>  and either golive 6 (or better) or dreamweaver. They both do the 
>exact same job and they do it well. what you pick is a mater of 
>personal choice.

But what you pick doesn't _have_ to be either of the above. There's 
your good old text editor. There's your super-powered text editors 
(BBEdit, Alpha). There's PageSpinner, Freeway and Creative Page.

FWIW - Of the categories of apps in question, I use Adobe Photoshop & 
GraphicConverter. Adobe InDesign, DreamWeaver MX, Goliath, Cadaver, 
emacs & BBEdit. And the good old Terminal.
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